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Grades and GPA

All attempted and/or earned credits and grades received via a Trinity-administered or (beginning January 2019) Trinity-approved study away program will be posted to the student’s Trinity transcript, regardless of grades earned. All grades for these courses will be calculated into the grade point average and included in determining rank-in-class and academic standing, such as faculty honors, academic probation, and honors at graduation.


An internship that is an integral part of the study away program will transfer as 1.0 Trinity course credit as long as it is valued at three or four semester hours at the host institution and has an extensive academic component. Internships completed away from Trinity are included in the total number of internship credits allowed towards the degree (please refer to the requirements for the bachelor’s degree in the Bulletin).

Changes in Courses

Once students arrive at their host program, changes in their approved study plan may occur. Students must submit changes on a new Application for Transfer Credit and forward the application directly to their Trinity faculty adviser, with the new course descriptions attached. Students may print a Transfer Credit Application from the Registrar’s Web page at (under Registrar’s Office Forms). A photocopy of the new application for transfer credit showing approval of newly proposed courses will be mailed to the students’ home address.

Last Semester or Academic Year Away

Students who wish to spend the last semester of undergraduate study (or all of the senior year) away from Trinity must secure the permission of their major department chair, and, through the registrar, the permission of the dean of the faculty. All transfer credit requirements for students studying away for their last semester must be completed by the established senior grade submission deadline. Further instructions and deadlines are available from the Office of the Registrar.

Hartford Consortium for Higher Education and the Twelve-College Exchange

All approved courses taken through the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education or the Twelve-College Exchange will be posted to a student’s Trinity record, regardless of grade earned. Courses graded lower than C- will be treated as similarly graded courses at Trinity. Grades for these courses will be included in calculations of GPA, rank-in-class, and other academic standing.

Students participating in the Twelve-College Exchange Program must complete the Application for Transfer Credit and receive advance approval for all courses.

Students need not complete an Application for Transfer Credit to enroll in courses in the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education; a special consortium registration form is available in the Office of the Registrar. Please refer to the current Bulletin for further information about consortium registration. Consortium registration is not available during the summer; students enrolling in summer coursework at a school that is a member of the Hartford Consortium must complete an Application for Transfer Credit.

Advanced Placement and Certain European Examinations

Advanced Placement (AP) credit is awarded according to the departmental policies stated in the Admissions section of the Bulletin.

Credit for the International Baccalaureate and certain European examinations is awarded according to the policy stated in the Admission to the College section of the Bulletin.