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Engage. Connect. Transform.

As the preeminent liberal arts college in an urban setting, Trinity College prepares students to be bold, independent thinkers who lead transformative lives.

We engage. We foster critical, reflective engagement with scholarship and the creative arts as well as with one another and the wider world. Our location in Connecticut’s capital offers excellent opportunities for engagement beyond the classroom in internships, student research, and community learning.

We connect. We link students, faculty, and staff to form a diverse community of learning. The connections of Hartford and Trinity College engage students as global citizens in the wider world, and a network of devoted alumni provide lifelong opportunities for Trinity graduates.

We transform. We combine the liberal arts with life in a diverse city, enabling students to learn what they love, to build confidence, and to become leaders and innovators. We support all members of our community in achieving their potential and in moving forward with the skills to navigate and transform a dynamic world.

Trinity College is where the liberal arts meet the real world.

Adopted by the Trinity College Board of Trustees, October 15, 2016.